Sales Growth Assessment 

Sales is the lifeblood of every business, but sometimes the sales process is taken for granted by top management, with focus only on existing revenue sources, and not on what it takes to generate new revenue, or how much is lost due to a lack of consistency and quality in the sales process. 

SalesWerks works with companies to take an "outside-in" look at their sales process to identify solutions to increase top line sales, increase operational effectiveness, increase profit margin, and dramatically improve the overall customer experience. We align People, Process, and Technology to ensure sales success.

What will you get from this assessment?

  1. We meet with the core principles/management team responsible for the business growth and sales execution of the company to understand the core areas of the sales process, future direction, business metrics, etc.

  2. Review the core sales process from Market Development through Lead Generation (including Online, Sales Channels, Marketing, Trade Show Execution, etc.), Lead Execution, Sales Execution and Customer Retention Strategy. Some of the areas we focus on, but are not limited to include…

    • Market Development and "Go To Market" Strategy

    • Lead Generation

    • Sales Process

    • Sales Tools (CRM, etc.)

    • Customer Experience

    • Sales Success Measures

    • Contracting

    • Pricing

    • Channel or distributor assessment

    • Performance Management (Sales Management)

    • Sales Development (Training and Skill Development)

  3. Compile analysis discoveries and detail recommendations to achieve goals established by core principles.

  4. Meet with core principles to review discoveries and outline a project plan to maximize "Top Line Growth" opportunities for your organization.

This assessment is generally between one and two days depending on the size and scope of the sales process.  This assessment is not intended to be a “Deep Dive”, rather a review of the overall sales process with recommendations that will help build a three, six, twelve, and twenty four month improvement plan.