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What our Clients are saying!

"SalesWerks helped us select and implement a new Marketing Automation system (Marketo).  The results were immediate. We used it for a training class we offered to our current customer base.  We used to get 3 or 4 people to attend the session, but we got 55 with just our first marketing campaign. In addition, we were able to cross market other training and product offerings, which allowed us to identify and close leads we would have never had without this campaign.  SalesWerks helped us create a sales strategy, cross-market our product and service offerings, and execute a strategy for building sales for both current and future customers.  I highly recommend them to other companies looking to integrate technology into their sales process."  (President, Software Company)

"The Customer Loyalty program SalesWerks implemented for us exceeded our wildest expectations.  SalesWerks helped us rebuild our company from our Customer’s perspective, which allowed us to better meet their needs and in return helped us grow our sales from current customers by over 20% in just 6 months.   We thought we knew what was broken in our sales process, but SaleWerks made us see what was “really” broken…then helped us fix it."   (CEO, Regional Retail Business)

"SalesWerks came to us highly recommended, but their commitment and leadership to helping us succeed assured us we made the right choice in vendors."  (VP Sales - Service Firm)

"SalesWerks growth model was a perfect fit for us. We wanted to jump to Lead Generation strategies and they convinced us we needed to better understand our market first.  We were prepared to hire 5 new sales people to penetrate an unknown market, but their market assessment convinced us it was a poor investment. We ended up refocusing our efforts in untapped areas of our core market they identified.  SalesWerks is a true partner and highly recommended."  (Executive VP Sales - Energy Firm)

"SaleWerks helped us identify and implement a CRM and Marketing Automation system for our company. The immediate impact to our top line sales after implementation was a "game changer". We are now generating leads and generating revenue from product lines we couldn't serve with our current sales force"  (CEO - Software Company)

"SaleWerks follow-up is best in class. Their consultants were instrumental in making our project a success."  (Director of Training and OD - Large Utility Company)

"The sales trainer you provided our organization was excellent. I think we have finally received the training for our Sales Force that will allow us to achieve our revenue objectives."  (VP Sales Planning - Telecommunications Company)

"We were using an old ERP solution to try and manage our sales process and it was not working.  We hired SalesWerks to help us identify and implement a solution that would help us strategically manage our sales process.  They helped us choose Salesforce.com, streamline our sales process, build a new sales funnel, and implement it throughout our organization.  We are pleased with their work and the benefits we have derived from the new CRM process and system.  I would recommend SalesWerks."  (President/Owner, Packaging Company)

"We thought we knew what was broken in our sales process, but SaleWerks made us see what was “really” broken…then helped us fix it...which allowed us to grow our sales from current customers by over 20% in just 6 months."  (CEO, Industrial Supply Business)

"We had over 300 Rep's, but our sales from those Rep's were just 25% of our goal, with 80% of those sales coming from just two partners. SalesWerks audited our channel strategy, and helped us build a high performing enablement program to ensure our Rep's were ready and able to sell our products.  In addition, they were willing to do a "gain share" cost model to "put their money where there mouth is" with regards to results.  We ended up getting rid of more than half of our Rep network, enabled the rest, and our Channel sales increased 40% in just 6 months.  We now have a program we know we can scale to meet our sales goals."  (President, Plastics Company)

"SalesWerks delivered as promised. They got us focused on what the customer wanted, not what we wanted, and gave us a simple KPI tool to keep us on track. We achieved immediate improvement once the plan was implemented."  (CEO - Industrial Supply Company)