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Sales Channel Development

Many companies use Channel Partners, Distributors, Manufacturers Reps, etc. to actively market and sell their products and services.  

What we have found with almost all our customers is a vast disparity in the enablement strategy for the Direct Sales team vs. the Channel Partner/Rep.  The Direct Sales team may have all the latest pricing information, updated marketing collateral, product information,etc., where the Channel is not enabled, using old marketing material, old product information, and outdated pricing.

In addition, we find that "number of partners" vs. "quality of partners" is a common strategy when selling through outside channels.  

Channel Enablement Program

We offer a full sales assessment and implementation services to ensure your Sales Channel is enabled to achieve your desired sales goals.  Here is a summary of our process:

  • Audit the current channel strategy, both direct and indirect

  • Evaluate customers' buying preferences

  • Evaluate the overall sales and marketing tactics of your Channel Partners to ensure they are prepared for success.

  • Audit existing channel partners, including sales tactics, contracts, channel conflicts, market coverage, customer satisfaction, partner satisfaction, etc.

  • Assess the impact of change on your organization, your customers, and your Channel Partners, Reps, etc.

  • Provide recommendations on how to best align your partner network with your company strategy and brand.

  • Provide and execute an implementation plan to make the strategy a reality.

Adding outside partners?

Some things to consider:

1. How many years experience does your company have in outsourcing the sales function?

2. Are you willing to consider using an agreement that is fair and balanced and protects the interest of both parties?

3. Will you consider sharing the costs of developing business in territories where there is no existing business?

4. Will you provide exclusive territories to your reps (no house accounts?

5. Will you co-insure your sales agents against product liability lawsuits by including them in your own product liability policy?

6. Do you have a complete marketing support plan in place to support your outside sales program?

7. Is the top management of your company committed to the use of reps? 

8. Are you willing to make a long-term commitment to a fair and competitive rate of commission?

9. Do you understand that attaining mutually agreed upon goals rather than arbitrary quotas is the best way to work with your outsourced sales partners?

We can not only help you build your outside Sales Channel, but optimize your current one for maximum business growth.