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Market Development

You spend time and money finding customers that want and need your product or service.  Are you looking in the right place?

We have seen many companies spend a significant amount of time, money, and energy prospecting in markets where they do not compete well, and ignoring markets where they can be dominant players.

SalesWerks helps companies clearly define their market potential, understand the market segments were their product or service competes well, then build a “Go to Market” Strategy to make it happen.

Here are some key things we do:

  • Finding gaps & under-served market segments

  • Determining ways to strengthen your go-to-market approach (direct and channels) 

  • Analyzing industry landscape and competitive positioning

  • Identifying trends affecting and creating customer needs

  • Assessing your offering and your team's capabilities against opportunities

  • Assessing domestic and international potential

  • Defining a differentiated marketing strategy to build Brand Preference

Next Stage - Lead Generation

 Overview of the Sales Growth Model