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Lead Generation

Companies spend a fortune on lead generation.  From telemarketing, websites, tradeshows….you name it and companies are doing it.  

Many companies have numerous lead generation tactics, but very few have a proven process for identifying how many leads they need, and where they will come from to drive sales. SalesWerks works with its customers to simplify the lead process, focus only on tactics that create qualified leads, and dramatically lower the cost per lead.

Sample Case Study

Our customer knew they needed 100 leads per month to close 10 deals, or a 10% average close rate.  Assuming 10% is realistic, we conducted an audit of lead potential for every lead generation source.  Here is what our audit found by lead source:

The chart above shows the number of monthly leads this customer was generating by lead source. Our client thought lead execution was the problem, but after our lead generation audit, we found they were only getting half the leads they needed, and were spending a significant amount of money in the getting them. SOLUTION:  We worked on improving their lead generation strategy ROI first, then helped them focus on better Lead Execution.

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