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Customer "Wins"

The following is a list of some of our recent customer success stories:

Retail Business

A retail business product company had just completed its third straight year of declining sales. This nearly 80-year company just finished their fiscal year with a decrease in sales of almost 20%. Their market share was eroding, the economic downturn was impacting their customers, and they were beginning to lose sight of what their customers expected of them.

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Financial Services

A large Financial Services organization just completed a large merger, combining numerous Market Brands into one large organization. In order to compete as one large company in the marketplace, the Client decided to market under one brand name, which will require a significant change within the organization. 

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Consumer Products

The Strategic Channel Marketing groups needed to document the organizations newly designed channel marketing process, as well as develop a tool that people could use to implement the process.  Additionally, they were interested in developing the prototype for a web-based “coaching” tool.  The entire project needed to be completed in a two-month time frame to meet the budget constraints of the organization.

Click here to download pdf with full story.