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Customer Loyalty Strategy

 Now you have a customer….do you have a plan to keep them?  Better yet, do you have a plan to make them the biggest part of your lead generation program?

SalesWerks helps companies reduce their cost per lead and increase their profit margin by improving the customer experience at every point of contact.  When your sales process provides an experience where every customer becomes a "vocal advocate",  you create a free marketing campaign today and in the future.  We work with companies to build a simple and measurable program to build loyal customers, then make them vocal and loyal customers.

Our model is built on a simple premise:  Does your Brand Reality equal your Brand Promise?

Here is what we see in many of our customers:

We work with our customers to make sure their Brand Promise at every customer touchpoint equals their customers Brand Reality (actual experience).

  • Is your customer experience at every "touch point" creating a "vocal champion"?  

  • Have you evaluated everywhere a customer or prospect is exposed to your business? 

You may be surprised what you find.


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