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Key Factors for Evaluating Customer Loyalty 11/10/2017

Do you know the factors that are impacting your customer’s ability to be loyal to your business?

If you still believe a personal relationship at the salesperson level is enough to secure a deal in today’s economic environment you are sadly mistaken.

How will our customers judge our commitment to exceptional customer service?

  1. Trust. Is it a reliable experience? Do they see us as a valued partner?
  2. Quality. Do we have quality products and services? Did we fix it right the first time?
  3. Competence. Do we have a knowledgeable staff that can meet their needs?
  4. Affordability. Is the price of our products and services equal to the value they receive?
  5. Product Availability. Do we have the products available when they need them?
  6. Customer Service. Are we going out of our way to meet their needs?
  7. Communication. Are we keeping our customers informed?
  8. Teacher. We are the experts. Can we teach our customer something new?

Have you done an evaluation of your customer experience at every point of contact recently? Ever?

If you do not know what the experience looks like at every touch point, how can you measure customer loyalty? How can you anticipate future sales growth?

A detailed customer loyalty assessment at every point of contact (website, inside sales, customer service, etc) is necessary to ensure your brand promise equals your brand realities. We can help…..

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