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Aligning your brand promise with your brand reality. 10/28/2017

By Joe Ambrose

So how do you begin to “create memorable brand experiences” instead of relying on past methods of marketing and advertising?  One approach is to “ask a different question” to "a different group of people" to help align your companies "Brand Promise" with its true "Brand Reality".When building your plan, pull together a cross-section of company and partner staff – “everybody that’s responsible for anything that touches the customer” – put them in a room and ask: “What do people hate about doing business with us, and what can we do to fix it?”

The wrong idea, which too many companies use, is “This is what we are, and how do we shine it up?” We believe more fundamental change is necessary. “We talk a lot in marketing about the importance of being good storytellers. Well, we need to be good story changers, because telling a story isn’t enough.

Put your company in your customers shoes at every point of contact and ask this question: "Does our Brand Promise equal our Brand Reality?"  For example, we say our customer service is what differentiates us from our competitors....but why did we get put on hold three times, then shifted to two different people for a grand total of 20 minutes to answer one simple question?

Customers can see right through a great story about a lousy product or service. SalesWerks can help your organization build a simple “Customer Voice" measure to evaluate each touch point between your company and your customer. This will allow you to best align your business with the expectation of your customers, which in turn allows you to keep more of your customers each year, instead of having to continue to find new ones to make up for the ones you lost due to a misalignment of your “Brand Reality” at a key customer touch point.

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