SalesWerks, Inc.

Creating top line sales growth through effective people, process, and technology.

SaleWerks, a Chicago based sales and business growth consulting firm, was founded in 1997 and has helped hundreds of large and small companies dramatically increase top line sales by aligning it’s People, Process, and Technology. We have a set of proven tools and methodologies that will dramatically improve an organizations top line sales in a short period of time.  

We believe simple is best….  We also believe you need to invest in, measure, and align sales strategy in three key areas:

  1. People:  You need highly trained, highly motivated, fairly compensated, and an effectively managed sales team to drive top line sales.

  2. Process:  Driving qualified leads to a broken sales process puts companies out of business.  Your sales process should be managed from the customer inward, with all key customer touch points identified, measured, and optimized so the customer experience is such that they will stay with you and refer you to other prospects. We are "change management" experts, and believe no change will happen in an organization unless you manage it.  

  3. Technology:  Your competitors are using technology to minimize their cost of sale and improve the overall customer experience. This includes implementing CRM systems, Marketing Automation systems, search engine optimization, and other tools to give them an advantage over your business  We help you leverage technology to make your sales process and customer experience better, faster, and cheaper.